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Emergency Assistance Plus® (EA+®)

We know the value of planning for the unexpected just got easier.

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Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+)Emergency Assistance Plus®

The Power of Global Emergency Protection. Emergency and medical assistance when you need it most.

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When you’re a card-carrying member of Emergency Assistance Plus, you can rest easy knowing that what you’re really toting is a suite of customized medical, security, and travel assistance services that have you well protected no matter where you are.

Whether you’re halfway around the world on a jet-setting trip of a lifetime or only a half day’s drive from home, we have you covered. That’s why COA has chosen EA+ as its preferred travel assistance program for over 16 years. Simply put, it provides year-round world travel protection.

EA+ members take with them the peace of mind knowing that should a medical emergency arise when traveling, there’s a team of highly skilled professionals at the ready to ensure you are receiving proper medical care and are provided necessary transportation home.