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Long Term Care Insurance

In the last year, why have over 500 Professional & Alumni Associations approved this new Group Long Term Care Benefit Program?

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Long Term Care

You are eligible for a group benefit program designed to address the emotional and financial issues associated with long-term care.

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Nested Applications

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An Exclusive Benefit for Members - An Authorized Program


Introducing LTCRplus

We know what happens when families face the emotional and financial challenges of long-term care and have added key benefit services to our LTC program. With over 20 years’ experience in the long- term care and association markets, we realized people need something better.

That’s why we developed LTCRplus! 

LTCRplus combines the best financial protection options with the critical assistance families need when dealing with long-term care. The “plus” in LTCRplus goes way beyond any other program in the marketplace. The financial protection options under this program allow you to find the best benefits at premiums with Exclusive Group Discounts not available to the general public. You can even compare the newest coverage options that pay benefits even if you don’t need care.

LTCRplus is An Exclusive Benefit Program for Members.

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